100 per cent willing to testify over fired FBI chief James Comey conversations: Donald Trump

Donald Trump said he was “100 percent. 100” willing to testify about his talks with James Comey, after the retired FBI chief has made explosive revelations in Congress, claiming that the president was trying to stop an investigation of the Russia’s interference in US surveys. Trump’s statement came after scoring Comey as “loudspeaker” and called for “full and complete defense” after the testimony of the FBI director expelled before a Senate committee. Trump said he was “100 percent” ready to testify under oath at Comey meetings and informed the FBI Special Consul, Robert Muller, he never asked the FBI to stop investigating. Trump also refused to ask Comey for a pledge of loyalty. “One hundred percent … I would be happy for him (special adviser Robert Mueller) to say exactly what I told him,” Trump said at a joint press conference at the White House Rose Garden with Romanian president visits.
Trump made these statements when answering questions about the explosive Comey testimony in which he accused the president of trying to stop an investigation into Russia’s alleged interference during the US election last year. “There is no collusion, no obstruction, there is a delay, but we want to return to the execution of our great country,” Trump said. “There was no collusion yesterday, no obstructions. We are very well,” he said. President Trump, however, declined to say whether his private conversations were recorded with Comey. He said people would be very aware. “I’ll tell you that maybe some time in the near future,” Trump said. “It was an excuse for the Democrats who lost an election that some people think they did not lose because it’s almost impossible for Democrats to lose the constituency, as you know. You have to go all across the east coast and you have to win Everything like a Republican, and that’s exactly what we did, “Trump said. “So it was just an excuse, but we were very, very happy and, frankly, James Comey has confirmed most of what I said, and some of the things that are not true,” he added. Earlier, in a tweet feature of the early morning, Trump said: “Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete justification … and WOW, Comey is a self-timer!
During his presentation Congress organized Thursday by the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey confessed that leaked information about his interactions with the President of the United States. The information was revealed to a journalist from “The New York Times” through a professor at Columbia Law School. Comey also said he believed the president had fired him because of the Russian probe, said he “lied” about his registration in the office and tried to redirect the probe to former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

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