7th Pay Commission report on revised allowances: Here’s what government has saved from delay in wages

The Commission’s seventh report of payment of the revised compensation: central staff is waiting for what the Narendra Modi government has reserved for them. They received their revised wages but the subsidies have created a problem and they have not yet seen a penny of the amount and the wait does not look like it will end quickly. However, it was said that the Cabinet would consider proposals on this issue by the end of June and that it could also receive the same, including the home rental subsidy (HRA), on July 18. However, there is still no official confirmation on this. The numbers involved are huge in every way, including the number of people covered – more than 4.9 million central government employees – the staff waited months to get revised salary increases according to the seventh report on compensation. The delay was massive and figures, in terms of money, are also important. The amount was not distributed and this is what the government has saved – the delay in the allocation of revised emission allowances saved Rs.22bn per month or Rs40bn in cumulative form since 1 January last year. However, the Center will be able to compensate for the delay to some extent by offering a more generous HRA than the one recommended by the previous committee, according to the sources. The Ashok Lavasa Committee on Compensation, the government established to review the SCP recommendations, submitted its report on April 27 this year. He suggested some changes in benefits for employees and for those in specific categories, including defense and railways. It was then placed before the committee in charge of secretaries headed by the cabinet secretary suggested proposals for approval by the Council of Ministers.
Budgeted costs of the Benefit Center remained at Rs 69,222 crore in the year 18, not including defense. It is 7 percent higher than Rs 64.677 crore in year 17.
However, the government is also likely to spend Rs 21.98 billion in additional provisions in the year 18, because of the review to be carried out in July.
The panel suggested an overall increase of 23.55 percent in salaries, allowances and pensions, which include a 63 percent increase in subsidies. 23.6 percent increase in pensions and 6 percent of wages.

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