This auto spare company is shifting gears towards growth. Is it a good buy?

Shivam Autotech, run by the Munjal family of the Hero Group, had a difficult year. During fiscal year 2010, the company reported a loss of Rs 3.82 million rupees compared to a profit of Rs 19.3 crore in the year 16, weighed by higher interest costs.

Shivam is in the process of manufacturing transmission gears, shafts and precision engineering components for the automotive industry.

The company had built two new facilities. Its gross or gross value of fixed assets increased by Rs 395 million rupees during fiscal year 2013 to about Rs 600 crore (gross assets of Rs 485 crore and current working capital of Rs. 101 million Rupees) by the end of 2016. Despite the growth in assets, revenues in this period have remained in the region of Rs 420 crore to Rs 450 crore.

Of these facilities, the Bangalore facility started operating in April 2016 and the second facility in Rohtak was also operational in 2010. These two plants, partly funded by debt, contributed to almost zero revenue in the fiscal year 2010, but were added to the company’s expenses (which increased by 16%) and interest costs. Interest costs during fiscal year 2010 increased 35 percent to Rs 29 million rupees, resulting in losses. However, this should be corrected with both facilities already in operation.

Shivam offers some well-known national and international companies such as Bosch, MotoCorp hero, Maruti, Denso Mitsuba Hilti, among others. Shivam is a key player because of its technology and its integrated facilities with internal forging and cutting capability.

Installation of Bangalore respond to a large extent Bosch and also expand the scope of the company in the four-wheel segment, which still accounts for about 15% of sales. Most of the manufactured Bangalore plant products replace the import requirements of their customers which, for some components, such as electronic power steering, depends solely on imports.

Except, the plant was operating at a capacity utilization of approximately 85 to 90 percent, unable to meet the needs of its customers as Hero Group, which grows aggressively in export markets. The gap between supply and demand should allow a rapid acceleration of production.

The new facility will expand its product portfolio and develop the capacity of certain niche products that should mark a bit more space. The benefits of operating leverage, the contribution of high margin products and overall volume growth will have a significant impact on the margins and profitability that were previously depressed.

Today, MotoCorp hero represents nearly 80% of his sales. However, after the start of these two plants, the hero ratio would be reduced to 60% and the other would be recognized by other customers, which reduces their dependence on a single customer.

Some of the benefits due to capacity expansion will accrue during the year and 18 more than in year 19. Return rates also improve. Its debt (Rs 363 crore in 2010) to equity, will also improve by about 1.8 times to 1.4 times or less. Improving two matrices – Roe and debt / equity – will have a positive impact on ratings.

Militant killed as Army foils infiltration bid in Jammu and Kashmir’s Gurez sector

Militant killed as Army foils infiltration bid in Jammu and Kashmir’s Gurez sector

One militant died when the army thwarted an attempted infiltration along the Control Line (LOC) in the Gurez sector in the Bandipora district of northern Kashmir.

An army officer said troops guarding the Control Line observed an ultras movement that tried to sneak into the valley on the other side of the border and defied them.

During the exchange of shots, a militant died, the official said.

With the latest operation, the number of militants killed in encounters along the Control Line in Kashmir to the north in the last four days rose to 14.

An army jawan also lost his life at one of the meetings.

A Defense spokesman said on Thursday that multiple attempts by the Pakistani army to push armed infiltration through the Line were thwarted by Naugam sector troops in the Kupwara Machhil district and in the Gurez Bandipora district of Baramulla And Uri, resulting in the death of seven activists.

All four infiltration bids were aided by Pakistani forces they actively supported, including the use of large-caliber artillery cover fire, said the Army’s Northern Command in a statement.

With the killing of six militants in Uri Friday and Saturday Gurez sector, the army thwarted eight attempts to infiltrate in less than two weeks north of Kashmir.

Three attempts have collapsed in the Uri sector alone.

On May 26, the army killed two members of the Pakistani Border Action Team (BAT) who attempted to infiltrate the Uri sector in the Baramulla district to attack the soldiers.

Six other militants died in the same area the next day, when they tried to sneak into the valley on the other side of the border.

This year, the army thwarted 24 infiltration attempts to kill 41 armed intruders along the Line of Control.

Nitish Kumar mocks Lalu Prasad Yadav’s Bhagalpur rally on Srijan scam, calls it ‘suicidal street play’

Patna: Bihar minister, Nitish Kumar, chief Lalu Prasad, scoffed to hold a demonstration in Bhagalpur on the scam. Srijan called a “suicidal street game” and declared that the Supreme Court approached the court. to import

“It was a suicidal street game (atmaghati-Nukkad Natak) that he (Prasad) will cost the force,” commented journalists commenting on the public meeting of Chief RJD and his Tejashwi Prasad Yadav in Bhagalpur on Sunday.

“Let’s go to the Supreme Court or let’s say you trust the IWC and ask them to oversee the scandal of Srijan’s fraudulent agitation,” Kumar said at the request of Prasad and his supporters.

“If someone is a document in connection with the scandal, it must be delivered to the IWC,” he added.

Prasad and Tejashwi, opposition leader in the Bihar Assembly, municipalities largely in Kumar and Deputy Minister Sushil Kumar Modi (BJP) and demanded that they list the details of “every penny kidnapped” by Srijan Mahila Vikas Sahyog Samiti Ltd, in Bhagalpur.

Prasad wanted to know: for the FIR recruitment against Kumar Modi, the Union Minister Ashwini Choubey and others in relation to the cas, which, ne ne suis pas une “maha ghotala” (great scam).

Chief Rashtriya Janata Dal also commented on Kumar and Sushil Modi.

“Some characters forget the” maryada “in politics, created at work, instead of wasting time talking to them,” I will declare Kumar in an oblique dig to the Prasad.

Aussi a-t-il dit that tout le monde connait the “scam” of Srijan after the introduction into the public domain on August 9.

During the hourly interaction with reporters, the national presidency Janata Dal (United States) to answer several questions about rebel leader Sharad Yadav has convened a national executive session in Delhi on September 17.

“Everyone is a right to participation in public policies, everything in the world to all legislators, parliaments and partition benches, and the program has followed how many of them with us.

“Shooting advertising (Sharad Yadav) means in the past a month and a half, never published in the last 40 years of his political career,” he said.

In the results of the dismutation, Kumar, who appuyé the decision of the Center, included in the project of the Great Alliance and in the creation of money to “fight against the black of silver” Saeed a volé aux et ses et aux propriétaires de l’argent doit explain it

Added to the list of all users online. A propos de nous.

“I am pleased that the attack was launched against Benami properties,” says Kumar, in apparent reference to the CBI case against Prasad and its members.

In a question about the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh Bangalore, Kumar stated that the investigation is due to the truth behind the incident.

“If it is possible that it has happened in Bihar, inhabit Algiers throughout the country, the Karnataka government, quickly break the cas,” added.

China, Pakistan to boost anti-terror cooperation along CPEC

La Chine et le Pakistan ont convenu de renforcer la coopération entre les deux pays grâce à un réseau de projets ferroviaires et routiers.
Le corridor économique sino-pakistanais (CPEC) relie la province du Xinjiang au nord-ouest de la Chine avec le port d’eau profonde Gwadar sur la mer d’Arabie, dans le sud-ouest du Pakistan. Il est confronté à des défis des militants islamistes dans les deux régions.

CPEC, une partie de l’initiative Belt and Road (B & R) du président chinois Xi Jinping, traverse le Cachemire (PoK) occupé par le Pakistan et l’Inde a soulevé des objections au projet.

Meng Jianzhu, chef de la commission des questions politiques et politiques du Parti communiste du Pakistan central, du ministre des Affaires étrangères Khawaja Asif et du conseiller national pakistanais de sécurité Nasser Khan Janjua hier à Pékin.

Les rapports ont déclaré que le Pakistan avait déployé une force militaire de 15 000 personnes pour protéger les ressortissants chinois travaillant sur divers projets liés au CPEC. Cela comprend 9 000 soldats de l’armée pakistanaise et 6 000 militaires para-militaires.

Environ 71 000 Chinois ont visité le Pakistan l’année dernière. Meng a salué les efforts du Pakistan dans la lutte contre le terrorisme et a appelé à renforcer la coopération antiterroriste et sécuritaire dans le couloir économique ambitieux.

“La Chine et le Pakistan, en tant que bons amis, amis voisins et partenaires coopératifs de tous les temps, ont toujours soutenu fermement les intérêts fondamentaux des autres”, a déclaré Meng.

Le conseiller d’Etat chinois Yang Jiechi a rencontré Asif. “Promouvoir le partenariat stratégique entre la Chine et le Pakistan est une politique inchangée”, a déclaré M. Yang.

Millions In Florida Evacuate As Hurricane Irma Makes Landfall In Cuba

HAVANA:  Millions of residents in Florida were ordered to evacuate as Hurricane Irma roared toward the state on Friday after lashing Cuba, killing 21 people in the eastern Caribbean and leaving catastrophic destruction in its wake.

Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms in a century, was expected to hit Florida on Sunday morning, bringing massive damage from wind and flooding to the fourth-largest state by population.

A historic evacuation, including from areas around Miami, has been made more difficult by clogged highways, gasoline shortages and the challenge of moving older people in the top retirement destination.

The storm could regain strength and hit the Florida Keys as a Category 5 hurricane, the most powerful designation by the National Hurricane Center, with sustained winds of 160 miles per hour (258 km per hour).

The United States has been hit by only three Category 5 storms since 1851, and Irma is far larger than the last one in 1992, Hurricane Andrew, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“We are running out of time. If you are in an evacuation zone, you need to go now. This is a catastrophic storm like our state has never seen,” Governor Rick Scott told reporters, adding the effects would be felt from coast to coast in the state.

A total of 5.6 million people, or 25 percent of the state’s population, were ordered to evacuate Florida, according to the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

US President Donald Trump said in a videotaped statement that Irma was “a storm of absolutely historic destructive potential” and called on people to heed recommendations from government officials and law enforcement. In Palm Beach, Trump’s waterfront Mar-a-Lago estate was ordered evacuated.

Irma, currently a Category 4 storm with winds of 155 mph (250 kph), was about 315 miles (510 km) southeast of Miami, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said in its latest advisory.

As it moved between the Bahamas and Cuba, Irma was forecast to bring dangerous storm surges of up to 10 feet (3 meters) on parts of Cuba’s northern coast and the central and northwestern Bahamas.

The scenes along Cuba’s north central coast were gradually coming to resemble the horrors of those of other Caribbean islands over the last week as Irma barreled in for a direct hit at Ciego de Avila province around midnight.

Choppy seas, grey skies, sheets of rain, bending palm trees, huge waves crashing over sea walls and downed power lines filled state-run television’s evening news cast.

Meteorologists warned that by Saturday morning scenes of far greater devastation were sure to emerge as Irma worked her way along the northern coast westward through Sancti Spiritus and Villa Clara provinces. where it is forecast to turn northward toward Florida.

The area is home to pristine keys with more than 50 hotels and fine beaches, vital money makers for the cash-strapped government.

Residents in the central province of Camaguey hunkered down on Friday night.”There are really strong gusts of wind. It is pouring off and on, and the lights are out,” Anaida Gonzalez, a retired nurse, said by telephone.

Day after Nirmala Sitharaman took over as Defence Minister, Army decides to induct 800 women in Military Police

L’ejército de fin de la planète, l’un des chefs de la guerre militaire, considéré comme un maire de mouvement pour la rupture des barrières du genre en la force.
L’adjoint général du lieutenant-général de l’armée, Ashwani Kumar, un marché déclaré qui a l’intention d’inciter environ 800 femmes dans la police militaire avec un anneau annuel de 52 personas.

Un autre haut fonctionnaire, qui ne veut pas être nommé, a déclaré que femmes femmes progressivement stationnées dans le vallée du Cachemire déchirée par le conflit pour le bien aux diverses variétés de fouillis des femmes.

La sentencia general en que se decidió l’incurrieron a les femmes en le corps de la police militaire en l’examen des exigences des croissants de recherche contre les allégations et la criminalité sexospécifiques.

L’annonce de la cérémonie de l’inauguration de l’inauguration des portes des femmes dans les rôles de combat dans l’avant-garde de la célébration de l’inauguration.

La décision a été transmise aux anciens chefs de l’armée vendredi par le général en exercice.
Bipin Rawat en el Conclave des chefs biennaux, nous avons également été informés des problèmes de sécurité de l’ensemble des pays qui sont confrontés et compris dans les frontières avec la Chine et le Pakistán.

Le Conclave du cocinero de l’Exército de trois jours, animé par le général du chef de l’armée Bipin Rawat, est un asentado par les viejos cocineros d’Anciens de l’Armada.

“Nous avons terminé la proposition d’introniser les femmes en la police militaire”, a déclaré Kumar aux journalistes ici. Le général Rawat a déclaré que l’ejército cherchait pour l’incitation aux femmes jawans et le processus commence par l’introduction de femmes dans le corps de la police militaire.

À l’heure actuelle, les femmes sont autorisées dans les zones, les médecins, les abogados, les éducatifs, la señalización et l’ingénierie de l’Armada.

Les femmes forment une section très mineure dans les forces armées, l’IAF ayant plus grand nombre à 1 350, suivi de l’armée avec 1 300 et la marine avec 450 femmes officières, selon les informations officielles.

Les forces armées de 1,3 million de personnes comptent 59 400 officiers. El ejército de l’air de l’Inde, en juin de l’an dernier, un comandante a las mujeres comme pilotes de chasse.

La marine indienne a l’intention d’inciter les femmes à piloter de les aviones de reconnaissance, mais pas de monde de femmes sur les marines de guerre et les marines.

Alors, le président Pranab Mukherjee, dans son allocution devant une session conjointe des deux chambres du Parlement au début de la session de budget de l’année dernière, a déclaré dans le futur que le gouvernement allait inculquer les femmes dans tous les conflits.

Le papier de la police militaire comprend les cantons policiers et les établissements de guerre, la violation des règles et les règlements des soldats, l’entretien des mouvements de soldats, ainsi que la logistique de la paix et de la guerre, le traitement prisioneros de guerre et l’extension de l’aide à la police civile, toutes les fois que cela est nécessaire.

El proceso de l’inducción doit commencer l’année prochaine. En el asunto de désinstallation dans le Cachemire, le chef de la police de Jammu y Cachemira.

“À l’heure actuelle, chaque fois que nous devons frapper les femmes, nous prenons l’aide du personnel de police local”, un déclaré Kumar. Cependant, cela se fait progressivement et sera commencé avec leur déploiement dans les stations de la paix, puis dans les zones sujettes aux conflits.

No truth in Narayana Murthy, Nilekani stake sale reports: Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka

Nfosys CEO, Vishal Sikka, denied Friday reports that the founders of technology giant led by Nandan Nilekani and Narayana Murthy looking to sell their stakes.

Murthy has flatly denied and I think we should leave it on this, Sikka told CNBC-TV18 in an exclusive interview. “I have great confidence for them (founders) and I respect them,” he said.

Sikka said the Infosys board works on corporate governance issues raised by the founders. “There was a lot of communication (between the board and the founders),” he said. An advisory panel ensures a high bandwidth connection between the board and the founders for a transformation work that Infosys is trying to do, he added.

In January, Murthy and other founders have expressed concern about IT governance standards in major IT and suggested integrating people based on the value of the company. Dismissal folders given to former chief financial officer Rajiv Bansal and Attorney General David Kennedy were also interviewed.

IT industry knows many declines in recent years due to global and national uncertainties that are pushing companies to reduce their workforce. Jobs are also lost to automation.

In the midst of talks with Infosys planning to hire 10,000 Americans to meet the strictest H-1B visa standards, Sikka said there is no redundancy in India. “The rumors of 10,000 recruits to replace the American Indians are not true,” he said. The company has been working on a plan to hire 10,000 agents for a year, he added.

Infosys is “hiring people” and will continue to be a “job generator”, Sikka said, adding that the US Still represent an excellent opportunity for Infosys – “the need is a new technology, more local people”.

Infosys has not set aside its target for profitability by 2020 but the company may not be able to reach a turnover of $ 20 billion over the next three years, Sikka said. The goal proposed three years ago was ambitious and a means to advance the growth of vehicles, he added.

“We are clear that we should not sacrifice margins to reach the 2020 target,” Sikka said.

Sikka also said that there was nothing new in what Infosys president Praino Rao said the pressure on prices in the corporate market.

About 65 percent of the active population work at 55 percent of income, while 35 percent of the workforce produces 45 percent of income, Sikka said. The transformation part of the business (construction) has a lot of opportunities, he added.

Q: Let me ask you a question about today’s title, which however was rejected by the founders of Infosys, the possibility of the founders of Infosys to get out of business. Do you have information on where it comes from? Was there a conversation he had with the founders of the possibility of all this?

A: I have no idea where it came from. Murthy has flatly denied it and I think we should leave things that way and not extend it further. This is what I also mentioned in my answer and the response of our companies.

The founders are people with unbelievably distinguished success. It’s been three years since he was announced as CEO and what they did is something extraordinary. However, three years later, I have considered it is surprising that they did.

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7th Pay Commission report on revised allowances: Here’s what government has saved from delay in wages

The Commission’s seventh report of payment of the revised compensation: central staff is waiting for what the Narendra Modi government has reserved for them. They received their revised wages but the subsidies have created a problem and they have not yet seen a penny of the amount and the wait does not look like it will end quickly. However, it was said that the Cabinet would consider proposals on this issue by the end of June and that it could also receive the same, including the home rental subsidy (HRA), on July 18. However, there is still no official confirmation on this. The numbers involved are huge in every way, including the number of people covered – more than 4.9 million central government employees – the staff waited months to get revised salary increases according to the seventh report on compensation. The delay was massive and figures, in terms of money, are also important. The amount was not distributed and this is what the government has saved – the delay in the allocation of revised emission allowances saved Rs.22bn per month or Rs40bn in cumulative form since 1 January last year. However, the Center will be able to compensate for the delay to some extent by offering a more generous HRA than the one recommended by the previous committee, according to the sources. The Ashok Lavasa Committee on Compensation, the government established to review the SCP recommendations, submitted its report on April 27 this year. He suggested some changes in benefits for employees and for those in specific categories, including defense and railways. It was then placed before the committee in charge of secretaries headed by the cabinet secretary suggested proposals for approval by the Council of Ministers.
Budgeted costs of the Benefit Center remained at Rs 69,222 crore in the year 18, not including defense. It is 7 percent higher than Rs 64.677 crore in year 17.
However, the government is also likely to spend Rs 21.98 billion in additional provisions in the year 18, because of the review to be carried out in July.
The panel suggested an overall increase of 23.55 percent in salaries, allowances and pensions, which include a 63 percent increase in subsidies. 23.6 percent increase in pensions and 6 percent of wages.

Congress blames Centre for taking long on deciding Zakir Naik’s case

Following the decision of the National Research Agency (NIA) to revoke the Indian passport issued to the President of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) Dr. Zakir Naik Abdul Karim, Congress condemned on Saturday the government headed by Narendra Modi. When the Center All evidence against the controversial Islamic preacher, it should not be too long for the government to decide his case.
Speaking to ANI, congressional leader PL Punia said: “When we have all the evidence on the controversial Islamic preacher Dr. Zakir Naik, why does it take so long for the government to decide the government led by Narendra Modi? To present a propaganda and If they were serious, the matter would have been resolved now. ”
In similar views, another congressional leader PC Chacko said that Naik’s problems were serious and that the government should improve its structure and decision.
“What else can Prime Minister Narendra Modi speak of an international forum outside of terrorism?” Our border is as tense as ever. This shows that India is not able to cope with Pakistan’s aggressive attitude towards land situations. India No. Naik change or improve its structure, which shows that this is a total failure of the government, “Chako told ANI.
The NIA yesterday decided to revoke the Indian passport issued to Naik, who is wanted in a criminal case filed last year.
After interviewing the sister and using Naik, the agency said it has also completed its network of financial transactions that include at least 10 companies and 19 properties in Mumbai and Pune, where Naik has invested Rs estimates. 104 million rupees.
The NIA has also initiated proceedings to get a warning against Red Maize-Naik and sent the required documents to the BCN National Central Office (Interpol), India, May 11, 2017.
Sources said that Naik carried out a passport No. Z2200757 that was issued in Mumbai on May 13, 2011. His passport was renewed January 20, 2016, Mumbai and a new passport was issued on his behalf with the number Z3606623 with Validity of 10 years. The NIA on 18 November 2016, according to the order of the Ministry of Interior, reported a criminal case against Naik in its branch in Mumbai to 153A articles of the Code and articles 10, 13 and 18 of criminal law activities Of illegal India (Prevention) 1967. IRF has already been declared as an illegal association by the Government of India in a notification dated November 17, 2016.
Nailah Noorani and some assistants around Naik revealed financial details in their statements to interrogators duly registered by the NIA in accordance with relevant legal procedures.

The NIA has sought Naik since last year to accuse him of encouraging and helping his disciples through their interventions, conferences and public conferences to promote for reasons of religion, conflicts or feelings of enmity, hatred and desire between The different communities and religious groups.
Naik has delivered more than 1,500 public lectures / discussions in India and abroad. His last public conference in India was held in Kishanganj, Bihar, in March 2012.