BJP Sacks Local Leader In Kerala Over Allegations Of Taking 5 Crore Bribe

BJP Sacks Local Leader In Kerala Over Allegations Of Taking 5 Crore Bribe

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Kerala BJP expelled one of its leaders on allegations of corruption.

RS Vinod would have taken 5 million rupees to a private hospital, promising them an accreditation from the Indian Medical Council.

The leader of the cooperative state cell was expelled Thursday after the BJP was caught by the left and Congress in Parliament.

The legislator of the PCI (M) of Palakkadu MB Rajesh, presented / displayed a notice of postponement in the Lok Sabha, demanding an explanation by the central government.

“This is just the tip of the whole scam. We want the prime minister to talk about political corruption was raised in a party meeting.

Not only is corruption in Kerala but more than 26 universities have obtained recognition from MCI through various channels, “he said.

On Wednesday, a report from the internal commission revealed by Kerala BJP said a local spokesman, took a bottle of wine of more than 5 rupees to help a private hospital to obtain an affiliation with the Indian Medical Council.

The report also reveals alleged links with RS Vinod hawala dealers through which money is transferred from Kochi to Delhi.

“BJP is involved in corruption over 400 million rupees in 70 medical schools in India,” said Hassan, Chairman of the Congressional Committee of Kerala Pradesh.

The BJP state, however, tried to steer clear of corruption. “I do not think the central government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be influenced by any kind of corruption or bribery.

The last 3 years, our government did not succumb to this. I am sure that our position will not change if someone is guilty, “said Muralidharan V, a member of the BJP National Executive Council.

The party, which tried to make political incursions in Kerala, has only one elected representative in the state assembly.

The BJP is likely to discuss the internal investigation report to the central party meeting of today’s party in Alappuzha district in Kerala.

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