Congress blames Centre for taking long on deciding Zakir Naik’s case

Following the decision of the National Research Agency (NIA) to revoke the Indian passport issued to the President of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) Dr. Zakir Naik Abdul Karim, Congress condemned on Saturday the government headed by Narendra Modi. When the Center All evidence against the controversial Islamic preacher, it should not be too long for the government to decide his case.
Speaking to ANI, congressional leader PL Punia said: “When we have all the evidence on the controversial Islamic preacher Dr. Zakir Naik, why does it take so long for the government to decide the government led by Narendra Modi? To present a propaganda and If they were serious, the matter would have been resolved now. ”
In similar views, another congressional leader PC Chacko said that Naik’s problems were serious and that the government should improve its structure and decision.
“What else can Prime Minister Narendra Modi speak of an international forum outside of terrorism?” Our border is as tense as ever. This shows that India is not able to cope with Pakistan’s aggressive attitude towards land situations. India No. Naik change or improve its structure, which shows that this is a total failure of the government, “Chako told ANI.
The NIA yesterday decided to revoke the Indian passport issued to Naik, who is wanted in a criminal case filed last year.
After interviewing the sister and using Naik, the agency said it has also completed its network of financial transactions that include at least 10 companies and 19 properties in Mumbai and Pune, where Naik has invested Rs estimates. 104 million rupees.
The NIA has also initiated proceedings to get a warning against Red Maize-Naik and sent the required documents to the BCN National Central Office (Interpol), India, May 11, 2017.
Sources said that Naik carried out a passport No. Z2200757 that was issued in Mumbai on May 13, 2011. His passport was renewed January 20, 2016, Mumbai and a new passport was issued on his behalf with the number Z3606623 with Validity of 10 years. The NIA on 18 November 2016, according to the order of the Ministry of Interior, reported a criminal case against Naik in its branch in Mumbai to 153A articles of the Code and articles 10, 13 and 18 of criminal law activities Of illegal India (Prevention) 1967. IRF has already been declared as an illegal association by the Government of India in a notification dated November 17, 2016.
Nailah Noorani and some assistants around Naik revealed financial details in their statements to interrogators duly registered by the NIA in accordance with relevant legal procedures.

The NIA has sought Naik since last year to accuse him of encouraging and helping his disciples through their interventions, conferences and public conferences to promote for reasons of religion, conflicts or feelings of enmity, hatred and desire between The different communities and religious groups.
Naik has delivered more than 1,500 public lectures / discussions in India and abroad. His last public conference in India was held in Kishanganj, Bihar, in March 2012.

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