GOP shrugs off James Comey revelations, sticks with Donald Trump

The FBI chief who fired the president called him a liar, but the response of many Republicans was a collective shrug of the shoulders. The GOP still needs Donald Trump if he hopes to complete his legislative program and win the election, and it will take more than the testimony of James Comey to tremble. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell boasted Friday GP achievements like Trump and promised more to come, without mentioning Comey in a speech. A group of House Conservatives discuss the tax and budget, without reference to Comey or federal investigations into Russia’s electoral interference and possible collusion with the Trump campaign.
In addition, there were few outward signs of high interest Republican officials, donors and entrepreneurs who met widely in the chamber in Park City, Utah, for a conference hosted by former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
“The people in this room who give money to the Republican Party and who focus on removing the Republicans, do so because they believe in a program,” said Spence Zwick, director of the speaker collection Capital House Speaker Paul Ryan, in a interview. As for Comey’s testimony, “there’s nothing we can do about it,” Zwick said. He pointed out that a dynamic tightening of Trump’s presidency has become a reality: Republicans in Congress and beyond are primarily concerned with the president despite growing scandal and the endless crises surrounding him.
While some worry privately, and frustration is regularly expressed about the undisciplined chairman’s administration and the distractions it creates, Republicans have little incentive to render now. Trump firm is the key agenda of the GOP, and he has the opportunity to appoint the judges for the appointment for life, a very interesting activity for the Conservatives.
And despite the low Trump approval rating across the country, his fan base remains firmly behind him. These voters will be key to the GOP’s success in the intervening years next year when Republicans defend a fragile majority in the House and try to occupy seats in the Senate, thanks to the favorable card that has a large group of Democrats – Election Holders Of the states that voted for Trump.
“I think the last 24 hours, 48 ​​were all very good for the president, confirmed that he was telling the truth all the time, that has not been investigated,” said Rep. Of the Republican Party, Jim Jordan, Ohio, in reference To confirmation Comey had informed Trump that the president was not subject to a personal investigation.
Comey also brutally accused White House Trump of lying, said Trump was asked to withdraw the investigation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and argued that Trump had been set up in order to change course research in Russia. But Republicans have chosen to ignore these things and focus on aspects of Comey’s Thursday testimonials that were in favor of Trump. Trump himself appeared next to the President of Romania Friday Comey attacked and said that some of his stories are not true.

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