Haryana village presses for name change: Trump gave us identity

Haryana village presses for name change: Trump gave us identity

The village of Marora in the district of Haryana Mewat had dropped the card, say its inhabitants. A search on Google Maps showed another town, also called Marora near Hodal, in the same district, about 30 miles away.

But the village has had a new identity last month when it was renamed “Trump Village” – was honored friendship between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump – at a function hosted by international Sulabh on June 18

A new sign was installed outside the village. “Welcome to Trump Village,” he said.

The change, however, was brief. Ten days later, the district administration has removed the new signal, indicating that the rules for changing the name of a town had not been followed.

“Permission was not requested before the name was changed. According to the rule book, this can not be done,” said Mani Ram Sharma, Deputy Commissioner, Noah. But the 140 families living in the village – mainly farmers and workers – want to keep the new name.

They say that they have been given a “new identity”, “recognition” and a hope of “development”. And the toilet.

Mukesh lumberdar, a farmer, says the government declared the village “free outdoor defecation” in 2016. “No government visited the village and conducted a survey before declaring that it was free from defecation. Fields to alleviate, “he said.

But that changed with the name change. As announced to the function of June 18 toilets Sulabh has launched a construction project in the village and a competition center for women. “We now have toilets,” says lumberdar.

“No one knew our village. When we were told that Marora, everyone thought it was another village near Hodal,” said Mohammad Irshad, a 19-year-old student.
For now, the town has returned to its former name.

The new signal has been stored. Another sign was painted blue, but left empty. Sulabh International has written to Prime Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, asking him to allow the name change.

“We do not change the name, simply by giving it a nickname. This will attract government and private entities in the village and it will evolve,” said Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of Sulabh.

“I did not know the rule (to change the name of a village). But if the collector says, it has to be well … Every house has toilets now, so we are happy,” said Shaukat Ali, the village Pradhan.

Villagers now have new development goals. “I hope we will start providing a steady supply of electricity. In 24 hours, we only have eight hours of supply,” says lumberdar.

“Trump Village Gaon Ka Naam Hai Toh banjata Shayad Google Maps mein BHI Naam aajata (If the village happened to be called Trump Village, maybe we will appear on Google Maps too),” said Irshad. Meanwhile, Abdul Hai, a class 10 student, is ready to do his homework.

“Donald Trump is the President of the United States, named after his wife Melania Trump,” said a group of seniors.

“I learned last month after the name of the village was changed, so that if someone asked me, I would be willing to explain the origin of the name,” he said.

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