India’s growth story under PM Modi enthrals BRICS meet in China

India’s growth story under PM Modi enthrals BRICS meet in China

Quangzhou, Fujian: “An India, which recorded a growth rate of 0001% between 1900 and 1947, has become the economy’s increasingly strong global growth in its 71 years of independence under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Modi – who Launched mass programs in women’s poverty alleviation, training and qualification of women’s youth, “said Tarun Vijay, during an opening ceremony of the high-level seminar on BRICS Government in China.

Addressing the high-level meeting, attended by Chinese ministers and personalities of the party, as well as politicians and researchers from all BRICS nations, Tarun Vijay said that walking a billion people was never exciting and comforting for the world.

“As a vibrant democracy and the largest in the world, India is now the center of plurality, harmony and peaceful development is seen in the growing popularity of our Prime Minister Modi in different parts of the planet,” he said.

Tarun Vijay, a former Member of Parliament and now chairman of the parliamentary group of India and China CIE began his speech on the government citing Mahatma Gandhi that “all the windows and doors of mine should remain open to the noble thoughts come from everywhere “And said that the use of the word BRICS (the term used before it by the Chinese official, Jiang Jianguo), we prefer to call a BRICS family – in line with the message of India Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means that the The world is a family. “When you tell the family, the whole perspective changes instantly,” said Vijay Taun applauding enormously.

He cited examples of India’s progressive graphical growth under Modi, mentioning several times the success of a democratic political dynamic where a tea vendor became prime minister and one of the lowest ranks is now President. The former deputy said he was proud to be a member of the world’s largest democratic political party, BJP.

He spoke of the civilizing and cultural son among the BRICS countries, citing the African experience of Gandhi and the ancient Indian scholars who bring the teachings of Budhha in China as Kumarajiva and Kashyap and travel Huen Tsang and Fa-Hien who are respected beyond The borders of India and China.

Tarun Vijay also spoke, while discussing the spirit of good governance, the meeting of the Prime Minister and President Xi Modi in Astana, where he was given the message: let the differences turn into disputes, but can become opportunities . He had an exciting applause for au ………

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