Cabinet meeting provides first post-election test for embattled UK PM

LONDON: British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to hold her first meeting on Saturday during the signing of an early test of her hopes of forming a stable government after a defeat in crushing elections.
Faced with the demand to quit smoking after failing on Thursday’s May election Friday scheduled a meeting later this week its government circle in an apparent attempt to reaffirm the authority and stability of the bill.
But the storm of criticism continued unabated in early May, after announcing that it will keep unchanged the ministerial team and plans to remain in power with the help of a small party from Northern Ireland.
Media commentators have agreed that she had been seriously damaged, and some predicted that she and her strategy for Brexit might have trouble surviving.
“You can fight to stay MP,” the Daily Telegraph said. “Conservatives turn on Teresa,” the pro-conservative daily said. The Times wrote: “You can look into the abyss.” The Sun newspaper said succinctly: “He’s had his chips.”
Mayo was Interior Minister for six years before launching into the political chaos that occurred during Brexit referendum last June.
She undertook to open the way to infinity to Britain of the European Union, resolved a complex economic and institutional relationship that has been developed for more than 44 years.
After inheriting an absolute majority of 17 seats in the House of Commons announced in early elections early three years in advance, saying that he needed a stronger hand in Brexit RAM.
This movement, by the daughter of a vicar who defines himself as pragmatic and against risk, surprised the country.
In the first place was expected of the expected to a landslide.
But the cracks in his campaign to control performance began to show and have expanded with bad tactical failure that he did in health care for the elderly.
These vulnerabilities have been skillfully exploited by the boss of the play, Jeremy Corbyn, a veteran activist base who has hammered May cold and indifferent.
On the day of the survey was launched Thursday in May, leaving its eight seats in the 326 seat limit for an absolute majority.
Forced into the minority government in May it brings the Irish Democratic Union Party Ireland (DUP), which won 10 seats in the hope of forging a majority.
However, any agreement between the two parties has yet to be announced, and details of how they can cooperate being incomplete.
“It’s too early to say what we’re going to do again. I think we need to see the final makeup of Parliament and we’ll think about it,” said DUP boss Arlene Foster, Ulster Radio on Friday.
“I think there will certainly be contacts over the weekend, but I think it’s too early to talk about what we’re going to do.”
The DUP is rooted in a harsh form of Protestantism that opposes the reunification of Ulster with the predominantly Catholic Republic of Ireland.
It is socially conservative, including opposition to gay marriage and supports Brexit but opposes the return of a “hard” border between the Republic of Ireland and the British province.
The Irish interior border should be one of the dozens of thorny issues in the Brexit negotiations.

No proof required: Battle of the elites

Trend news and current expert opinions are very confusing. You have a significant improvement in agricultural growth, and it has roots in two major states: Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. You have an economy that has slowed since June 2016 and that inflation is now at historical levels, and there are economic experts claim that the RBI / MPC decisions were valid because the MPC looks wise beyond “temporary decline “Of inflation to 2 percent caused by demonetization.
One of the main goals of demonetization was to reduce the role of cash transactions (read black money). However, if one wants to believe that the title of experts, the volume of digital transactions contracts. What we are seeing in India is a historical transformation – which rarely occurs in most countries. It never happened in India before, never. But what is happening now? It is a change of guard – more correctly, a change of elites.
The most critical factor in Indian politics since independence in 1947 until the birth of the Modi government in 2014 was that the same elite dominated the country. Regardless of its political affiliation, this elite was largely the same political and economic philosophy, characterized by social liberalism and Fabian-style Western-style socialism. In addition, traditionally, the elite was strongly anti-American. The dominant arm of the elite was,
The dominant arm of the elite was, of course, Congress, which was in power from 1947 to 2014, but only for 13 years (1977-1980, 1989-1991 and 1996-2004). And with the exception of five years (1991-1996), a Gandhi family head was the PM or the person (as was the case in 2004 until 2014, when Manmohan Singh was the prime minister, but Sonia Gandhi was in control).

The influential press in English shares the basis of the World Vision Congress. Therefore, they could not believe that Modi, a blatantly Hindu leader won in 2014. There was a parallel belief that the BJP could not win in the highest state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) in 2017. Although surely, raising a new cosmology represented by Modi was not a phenomenon at night because things were moving slowly. From Narasimha Rao, India began to move away from the strong state presence in economic activities. Economic reforms (particularly in an industry) were introduced in 1991, fiscal reforms in 1997 and the start of divestment in 1998. With the signing of the nuclear agreement with US President George Bush in 2008, the first important step for the field American was taken by India.
Over time, however, it became increasingly clear that the old elite had not realized and respected that India had changed the illiterate and extended feudal order when the Nehru dynasty took control. There are complex factors that feed on explaining the growing distrust of the public in the old elite, but we can emphasize that the level of security of education means greater Indians; The old elite has mismanaged the economy – and power has corrupted the old elite.
Indians ask more questions and demand accountability more dynastic political leaders. But the old elect – politicians, corporations, leftist intellectuals, academics – can not lose their privileges just as easily. It will try to make transformation and purpose fail at every turn: if this means a false analysis, they will. If that means mental gymnastics, they will. The essential point is that they should.

Techie lies bleeding on Pune road, passersby click photos

Techie lies bleeding on Pune road, passersby click photos

Pune: A 25-year-old software engineer, who was bleeding profusely after being shot in a strike accident, died because he did not receive the rapid help from passers-by on the corner from Indrayaninagar to Bhosari Wednesday night.

Surprisingly, the audience chose to record videos and click on the images of the accident rather than bring the engineer Satish Prabhakar Mete, hospital.

Kartikraj Kate, a dentist Bhosari who stopped to help Mete, took him to the Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital in Pimpri, where he was pronounced dead by the doctors. He only enters Aurangabad and lives and works in Moshi Bhosari.

Kate told TOI that she was going to her clinic in Bhosari around 18:30 Wednesday, when she noticed a crowd at the corner of Indrayaninagar. “When I slowed down, I saw a man who was seriously injured on the road. He was soaked in blood, but he was aware,” he said.

Kate said the man was bleeding profusely and his face was covered with a cloth. “He was moving his hands and legs, people gathered around him, some photographs clicked on the scene of the accident, while someone pulled out a video, but none of them were ready to help,” he said.

Kate then wrote down an autorickshaw. “There were passengers, but the driver was very helpful. He told them to disembark and the accident victim in his car,” he said.

Mete suffered severe head injuries and bleeding from the nose and ears. Kate noticed tire marks on her belly. On the way to the hospital, Kate tried to save the man’s life, giving cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Kate said,
“However, after a while, he stopped responding.

The doctors had an electrocardiogram to the hospital and declared dead. His life could have been saved if the spectators had taken him to the hospital immediately.
Best comment

Inspector Superior Bhimrao Shingade, Bhosari MDIC police station, told TOI that Mete was involved in a crash accident. People were asked to contact the police station from 020 to 27,130,003 if they noticed the vehicle registration number or if they have any information about it.

BJP Sacks Local Leader In Kerala Over Allegations Of Taking 5 Crore Bribe

BJP Sacks Local Leader In Kerala Over Allegations Of Taking 5 Crore Bribe

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Kerala BJP expelled one of its leaders on allegations of corruption.

RS Vinod would have taken 5 million rupees to a private hospital, promising them an accreditation from the Indian Medical Council.

The leader of the cooperative state cell was expelled Thursday after the BJP was caught by the left and Congress in Parliament.

The legislator of the PCI (M) of Palakkadu MB Rajesh, presented / displayed a notice of postponement in the Lok Sabha, demanding an explanation by the central government.

“This is just the tip of the whole scam. We want the prime minister to talk about political corruption was raised in a party meeting.

Not only is corruption in Kerala but more than 26 universities have obtained recognition from MCI through various channels, “he said.

On Wednesday, a report from the internal commission revealed by Kerala BJP said a local spokesman, took a bottle of wine of more than 5 rupees to help a private hospital to obtain an affiliation with the Indian Medical Council.

The report also reveals alleged links with RS Vinod hawala dealers through which money is transferred from Kochi to Delhi.

“BJP is involved in corruption over 400 million rupees in 70 medical schools in India,” said Hassan, Chairman of the Congressional Committee of Kerala Pradesh.

The BJP state, however, tried to steer clear of corruption. “I do not think the central government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be influenced by any kind of corruption or bribery.

The last 3 years, our government did not succumb to this. I am sure that our position will not change if someone is guilty, “said Muralidharan V, a member of the BJP National Executive Council.

The party, which tried to make political incursions in Kerala, has only one elected representative in the state assembly.

The BJP is likely to discuss the internal investigation report to the central party meeting of today’s party in Alappuzha district in Kerala.

Haryana village presses for name change: Trump gave us identity

Haryana village presses for name change: Trump gave us identity

The village of Marora in the district of Haryana Mewat had dropped the card, say its inhabitants. A search on Google Maps showed another town, also called Marora near Hodal, in the same district, about 30 miles away.

But the village has had a new identity last month when it was renamed “Trump Village” – was honored friendship between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump – at a function hosted by international Sulabh on June 18

A new sign was installed outside the village. “Welcome to Trump Village,” he said.

The change, however, was brief. Ten days later, the district administration has removed the new signal, indicating that the rules for changing the name of a town had not been followed.

“Permission was not requested before the name was changed. According to the rule book, this can not be done,” said Mani Ram Sharma, Deputy Commissioner, Noah. But the 140 families living in the village – mainly farmers and workers – want to keep the new name.

They say that they have been given a “new identity”, “recognition” and a hope of “development”. And the toilet.

Mukesh lumberdar, a farmer, says the government declared the village “free outdoor defecation” in 2016. “No government visited the village and conducted a survey before declaring that it was free from defecation. Fields to alleviate, “he said.

But that changed with the name change. As announced to the function of June 18 toilets Sulabh has launched a construction project in the village and a competition center for women. “We now have toilets,” says lumberdar.

“No one knew our village. When we were told that Marora, everyone thought it was another village near Hodal,” said Mohammad Irshad, a 19-year-old student.
For now, the town has returned to its former name.

The new signal has been stored. Another sign was painted blue, but left empty. Sulabh International has written to Prime Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, asking him to allow the name change.

“We do not change the name, simply by giving it a nickname. This will attract government and private entities in the village and it will evolve,” said Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of Sulabh.

“I did not know the rule (to change the name of a village). But if the collector says, it has to be well … Every house has toilets now, so we are happy,” said Shaukat Ali, the village Pradhan.

Villagers now have new development goals. “I hope we will start providing a steady supply of electricity. In 24 hours, we only have eight hours of supply,” says lumberdar.

“Trump Village Gaon Ka Naam Hai Toh banjata Shayad Google Maps mein BHI Naam aajata (If the village happened to be called Trump Village, maybe we will appear on Google Maps too),” said Irshad. Meanwhile, Abdul Hai, a class 10 student, is ready to do his homework.

“Donald Trump is the President of the United States, named after his wife Melania Trump,” said a group of seniors.

“I learned last month after the name of the village was changed, so that if someone asked me, I would be willing to explain the origin of the name,” he said.

Feud over Qatar deepens conflicts across Arab world

* The opponents of Qatar decided to make use of

* Libya and Yemen remain trapped in post-Spring Arab Wars

* Rift with Doha urges factions supported by the UAE

* Fury among customers can make peace plans more difficult

By Noah Browning and Aidan Lewis

DUBAI / TUNIS, June 9 (Reuters) – Separated Qatari by the other Arab states is intensifying striking divisions between their respective allies focusing on wars and political conflicts in Libya to Yemen.

The dispute complicates efforts to stabilize the country suffering from years of turmoil and undermining the notion of a united Sunni Arab world against terrorism and Iran, proclaimed by US President Donald Trump during his visit last month.

The dispute is the latest chapter in the battle of wills between political Islamists and traditional Arab autocrats who have been battering Muslim societies for decades.

Since the events of the “Arab Spring” 2011, which aspired to democratic reform, but in several countries collapsed in the war, especially Egypt and the United Arab Emirates have become the main enemies of the Muslim Brotherhood supported upwards By Qatar.

After Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE have severed ties with Doha in Doha, accusing it of supporting the militants and Iran, regional allies followed the prosecution and denounced the internal enemies as Qatar puppets, which undermine the reconciliation efforts of the Foreign powers.

“The situation has become very embarrassing: Qatar and its rivals are fighting, but indirectly and in the territory of others,” said Yemeni analyst fárëa al-Muslimi.

“The fact that the internal Arab masses like this increase and complicate very clearly that the Arab world is far from solving other problems like Palestine or Iraq or even the relationship with Iran.”

In Libya, the UAE and Qatar, who have played a key role in supporting the rebels during the uprising that overthrew Muammar Gadhafi in 2011, became rivals on the battlefield with competing interests and visions.

The UAE, with Egypt, supported the former anti-Islamist commander Khalifa Haftar appointed by a government and a parliament based in the east. Qatar and Turkey have supported Islamist factions in western Libya.

Yemen – melee conflict from Saudi Arabia launched an air war in 2015 against the Houthi movement that controls the capital – a secessionist council of South Yemen armed by the UAE opposes the internationally recognized government, as it includes the Muslim Brothers supported by Qatar.

The Yemeni junta and the Saudi Government, despite years of relations with Qatar, have reduced diplomatic relations with Doha.

The Libyan government and the East parliament aligned anti-Islamist Haftar did the same.

“We are sure that interested States in the Gulf and Egypt will push to drastically change the scandalous policies of Qatar,” Mohamed Dayri, Foreign Minister of the East.

On Friday, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain have designated as Libyan terrorists including five Tripoli Mufti Sadiq al-Ghariani, an influential figure for anti-Haftar militias in western Libya. They also listed defense brigades in Benghazi (BDB), a group that tried to revive armed opposition to Haftar since last year.

Qatar has gained weight in world affairs, talking about its vast wealth of gas throughout the region, trying to irritate the United Arab Emirates and the power of the Arab Persian Gulf Saudi Arabia with unknown positions and support for Islamists.

Jio Phone Launch Likely at Reliance AGM Today, How to Watch Live

Jio Phone Launch Likely at Reliance AGM Today, How to Watch Live

The highly anticipated release of Jio phone should be expected during the current assembly of Reliance Industries, which will begin at 11 am in Mumbai.

President Mukesh Ambani takes the course to give his annual update on how the various companies in the group go, but all eyes will be on the last part of the speech where Jio centered ads can appear with affordable mobile firmly in focus.

This occurs one year after the AGM rebirth 2016, where Ambani announced the public launch of the Reliance telecommunications network Jio.

The company continued to transform the way it does the telecommunications industry, which can also be expected from the functional phone Lyf / 4G Jio VoLTE, given the rumored label, as well as its long list of features. Mukesh Ambani’s speech will be broadcast live on YouTube and other media.

The price of the Jio phone is one of the biggest arguments in the controversy because reports had a price anywhere between Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,500.

When the relationship of the Jio initially request phone function has failed, the price would be between 1,000 and Rs. Rs. 1500 between two variants, but this was changed to Rs. 500 for a separate report.

The latest report on the issue of Jio price of the phone once again indicates a price between Rs. 1,000 and 1,500 Rs., Noting that the final price has not yet been decided. The phone’s manufacturing cost is estimated at $ 27-28 (around Rs. 1800), and the consensus is that it will probably be subsidized by Jio to maintain the reach of the phone users, the target segment of the company.

Intex confirmed Gadgets 360 that is in final talks to do the Jio phone function, but the agreement has not yet been reached. If the deal is done, the first phones with Jio Intex features could hit the market by the end of this quarter.

Now, reports have said that the phone will be unveiled at the Reliance General Board on July 21, but it has hit the market on August 15. So the first batch of Jio phones is likely to be imported from China, where the company is associated with OEM Such as Zhejiang Techain Electronics Technology Co., Shenzhen Chinese-E Communication Co., Crave and megaphone.

The company expects to sell up to 100 million units of the device during the first year of its launch, and 100 million the following year.

For context, try this – IDC says that a total of 136.1 million functional phones were sold in India in 2016, a year in which the migration of consumers of mobile phones to smart phones was reduced (compared to year previous).

This is a huge goal, but it is not something that would be impossible for the company as it has proven to be the fastest 100 million users now Jio Telecom.

Jio has specifications and telephony plans. The Jio phone function could be a basic, basic phone, but apparently it has features that will help you work with smartphones.

Video calls and Internet connections in custom software (KAI OS) and the application market (KAIOS Plus) and access to applications and JioTV JioCinema, counts everything in the device.

In fact, the latest report indicates that the phone comes with a cable that will allow users to connect to the TV to play JioTV content and JioCinema applications on their TV.

It is also said to have the support of a digital voice assistant with support for Indian languages.

As for the specs, Jio’s phone feature comes with a 2.4-inch color display, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB internal storage, microSD for memory cards up to 128 GB, dual SIM functionality (Nano SIM SIM + Standard), 2 megapixel rear camera and a VGA front camera.

Reports also indicate that users will receive a 2000 mAh battery, FM radio and Bluetooth 4.1 + LE with the headset. Jio provides, a price of Rs. 80-90, should also be announced for phone buyers.

If private bodies can have data, why not State: SC

If private bodies can have data, why not State: SC

A court of the Supreme Court of nine judges heard the second day of arguments Thursday to determine whether the right to privacy is a fundamental right in the Constitution, has been investigated why citizens were sick in the exchange of personal information comfortable with The state when they had no problem with private agents.

“When someone uses an iPhone or iPad with a fingerprint logon, personal data are already in the public domain … Is there something qualitatively different when the state did the same (looking for personal information)” Justice DY Chandrachud , One of the judges in the bank headed by the chairman of the Supreme Court of India JS Khehar, asked the chief advisor Sajan Poovayya that appeared by the petitioners.

Poovayya replied that the problem does not refer to the exchange of information, the lack of controls and restrictions to ensure the security of the data.

“The state can not be entrusted to the data of citizens without proper supervision. Declaring the right to privacy is a fundamental right the first step to supervision,” he said.

It also refers to a taxi service-based application providers such as Uber, collecting information about the user, and said he was monitoring. This led the court to consider whether privacy would be violated if the state monitored a terrorist suspect and used the data for security purposes.

“If the state is followed in the process of apprehending a person who may be involved in terrorism, then the state may use this data,” the bank asked. Poovayya replied that the state could do “but there may be limits of the law”.

The bank then said: “At what point can we apply this rule, data collection or use? Because if we say by collecting data, even the state can collect data after a terrorist act.

Poovayya said there is a fear that the data collected by the state are put into private hands and are abusive. He said it could also be misused by governments when regimes change.

“The question is whether the delivery of private data rights to privacy. The delivery of information for some is not the delivery of information to all.

So if I get biometrics for the state, it should be used only for the purpose for which I have given, “he said, adding that this can be ensured that by providing that privacy is a fundamental right.

He said that it is not necessary to adjust the contours of the law from now on, and to evolve from one case to another.

Judge J Chelameswar, one of the judges at the bank, said it would be best if, if not all, to outline the right to privacy if the court decides that it is a fundamental right.

If the state is unable to protect the data, it should also stop charging said Poovayya and referred to the British example of the destruction of biometric data collected by the agencies.

The issue of privacy protection was raised in the hearing of petitions that questioned the constitutional validity of Aadhaar scheme.

Tuesday, referring to two previous decisions – by a panel of eight judges in 1954 and MP Sharma case by a bank of judges in six Kharak Singh in 1962 – the government said that the highest court ruled is important in these there is no right To privacy in the Constitution.
The nine-judge jury was established to examine the accuracy of these judgments.

Other judges at the bank are judges S K Kaul, R K Agarwal, S A Bobde, R F Nariman, S Abdul Nazeer and A M Sapre.

Early in the day, Judge Kaul was whether the right to privacy was available even against individuals, so that it would violate the freedom of others.

Harmanpreet dismantles Australian attack like she owns it

Harmanpreet dismantles Australian attack like she owns it

You know how you can tell a player who moves at his pace to play convincingly his brand of shooting?

Harmanpreet Kaur on one knee, moves away from clearing the battlefield, brutally batting and gets a sadistic pleasure of watching the pitcher react when the ball went over the midwicket cords.

Slog-sweep, breathe, repeat. Or, it would mark piety to track and ball player knows in an instant what would be the fate of the ball, nine out of ten times.

Of course, Harmanpreet Kaur has not unleashed the beast on him until it is absolutely necessary to do it on Thursday.

He had walked when India was in a very familiar territory to have lost a couple of first windows and fight captain and struggling to make ends meet.

However, the signs were there to see the Australians. From the beginning.

The aesthetically beautiful Harmanpreet deck struck to make things in the game truncated would have been his companion at the other end, Mithali Raj, clapping with both hands in the air.

The straight Tendulkaresque career that followed was drilled halfway and half with surgical precision.

Both photos were taken outside of the cricket manual and although they do not define Harmanpreet Kaur Bhullar in one word, they were full of conviction – something that was not there for over 60 years in a situation similar to that of New Zealand last week. On the contrary, since he had set foot in the country.

And for a brief period right after, it seemed that everything was for the first place. India had succumbed to Australia in the league game after consuming more than half of the sleeves in points; And it was once.

In 20 overs – almost halfway to love at 42 on off-to-side – the India Dashboard read 70 2. Raj and Harmanpreet were both at an astounding speed of 50 or marginally.

Kristen Beams was in the middle of what could become a party-setting destination. It was, indeed, but Australia would not have wanted it.

Entering his room on the trot, Jambeur gave only seven all previous deliveries.

The bogging bogging of the third installment comes out. Limit inoffensive, actually, in the moment. More out of necessity, thought Beams and Australia.

The spinner Jess Jonassen left arm is on the rise, Harmanpreet moves on the track and makes an effort oh half way to four.

The Harmanpreet world is the right place. These two people without free maps. She repeated them in the nets, then dragging some more net of pitchers into a deserted corner of the ground until it’s time to end the practice.

This may be an extension of her childhood coach’s routine for her – a daily goal of two dozen shots in the stands, during the day, was a mango tree in a corner of Moga land.

Kovind first President from Sangh, cross-voting boosts margin

Kovind first President from Sangh, cross-voting boosts margin

NEW DELHI: Former Bihar governor Ram Nath Kovind will become the 14th president of India and the first man to take the post of RSS, win a contest marked by a cross vote in favor of West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat And Goa and Rajya Sabha and the members of Lok Sabha.

Kovind, who will take office as president on July 25, defeated opposition candidate, former House Speaker Meira Kumar, in a one-sided contest bringing nearly 66% of the votes.

BJP managers felt that Kovind received approximately 115 additional AML votes beyond the NDA kitten in the United States.

BJP has managed to attract votes from the opposition camp in four states and the Parliament. BJP leaders said they had won 10 surplus votes in Bengal, even as Trinamool Congress and Congress have exchanged demands for cross-ballot polls by the other.

In the Parliament there were 21 null votes. It was not possible to determine exactly which side contributed the most to the account. The opposition could have waited to obtain the votes of 240 deputies, but obtained the support of 225 deputies. Kovind got the support of 522 deputies.

The BJP candidate has received two more votes, while up to six were declared invalid in Delhi, where there are only two parties to the assembly – BJP and AAP.
In West Bengal, sources said the BJP party received six more votes while nine were declared invalid.

In Rajasthan, the BJP candidate obtained six votes. Of the 57 members of Congress in Gujarat, Kumar got only 49 votes. Similarly, of the 16 members of Congress in Goa, Kumar obtained 11 votes. While three members of Congress were able to vote, two votes were declared void.

While the final numbers came, BJP got two votes in J & K, four in Haryana, 11 in UP, four in Himachal Pradesh, five in West Bengal, eight in Karnataka, 13 in Maharashtra, six MP and two Chhattisgarh.

BJP has read the results as a vindication of their efforts to create a pan-India Kovind support.

“This is a good sign for the party’s efforts to establish a broad, broad coalition, before the elections in 2019. This demonstrates the acceptability of the BJP between many areas and different regions,” said MP Rajya Sabha, Bhupendra Yadav, who coordinated The Kovind campaign.

The latest recital of the votes that were counted in Parliament on Thursday shows that Kovind got 2930 votes (MP and MLA) with a value of 7,02,044 (65.65%) compared to 1844 voice with a value of 3,67,314 (34.35%) received by Meira Kumar, beating with a margin of more than 3.30 lakh voting value.

Kovind, 71, will be India’s second Dalit president KR Narayanan later. He will also be the first to be elected BJP net in Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Modi also tweeted: “I congratulate Meira Kumar Ji for his campaign, which was in the spirit of democratic ethics and the values ​​we are all proud of (sic).”

The electoral college to elect the president is composed of elected deputies and parliamentarians from all states and two union territories, Delhi and Pondicherry.