Congress blames Centre for taking long on deciding Zakir Naik’s case

Following the decision of the National Research Agency (NIA) to revoke the Indian passport issued to the President of the Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) Dr. Zakir Naik Abdul Karim, Congress condemned on Saturday the government headed by Narendra Modi. When the Center All evidence against the controversial Islamic preacher, it should not be too long for the government to decide his case.
Speaking to ANI, congressional leader PL Punia said: “When we have all the evidence on the controversial Islamic preacher Dr. Zakir Naik, why does it take so long for the government to decide the government led by Narendra Modi? To present a propaganda and If they were serious, the matter would have been resolved now. ”
In similar views, another congressional leader PC Chacko said that Naik’s problems were serious and that the government should improve its structure and decision.
“What else can Prime Minister Narendra Modi speak of an international forum outside of terrorism?” Our border is as tense as ever. This shows that India is not able to cope with Pakistan’s aggressive attitude towards land situations. India No. Naik change or improve its structure, which shows that this is a total failure of the government, “Chako told ANI.
The NIA yesterday decided to revoke the Indian passport issued to Naik, who is wanted in a criminal case filed last year.
After interviewing the sister and using Naik, the agency said it has also completed its network of financial transactions that include at least 10 companies and 19 properties in Mumbai and Pune, where Naik has invested Rs estimates. 104 million rupees.
The NIA has also initiated proceedings to get a warning against Red Maize-Naik and sent the required documents to the BCN National Central Office (Interpol), India, May 11, 2017.
Sources said that Naik carried out a passport No. Z2200757 that was issued in Mumbai on May 13, 2011. His passport was renewed January 20, 2016, Mumbai and a new passport was issued on his behalf with the number Z3606623 with Validity of 10 years. The NIA on 18 November 2016, according to the order of the Ministry of Interior, reported a criminal case against Naik in its branch in Mumbai to 153A articles of the Code and articles 10, 13 and 18 of criminal law activities Of illegal India (Prevention) 1967. IRF has already been declared as an illegal association by the Government of India in a notification dated November 17, 2016.
Nailah Noorani and some assistants around Naik revealed financial details in their statements to interrogators duly registered by the NIA in accordance with relevant legal procedures.

The NIA has sought Naik since last year to accuse him of encouraging and helping his disciples through their interventions, conferences and public conferences to promote for reasons of religion, conflicts or feelings of enmity, hatred and desire between The different communities and religious groups.
Naik has delivered more than 1,500 public lectures / discussions in India and abroad. His last public conference in India was held in Kishanganj, Bihar, in March 2012.

100 per cent willing to testify over fired FBI chief James Comey conversations: Donald Trump

Donald Trump said he was “100 percent. 100” willing to testify about his talks with James Comey, after the retired FBI chief has made explosive revelations in Congress, claiming that the president was trying to stop an investigation of the Russia’s interference in US surveys. Trump’s statement came after scoring Comey as “loudspeaker” and called for “full and complete defense” after the testimony of the FBI director expelled before a Senate committee. Trump said he was “100 percent” ready to testify under oath at Comey meetings and informed the FBI Special Consul, Robert Muller, he never asked the FBI to stop investigating. Trump also refused to ask Comey for a pledge of loyalty. “One hundred percent … I would be happy for him (special adviser Robert Mueller) to say exactly what I told him,” Trump said at a joint press conference at the White House Rose Garden with Romanian president visits.
Trump made these statements when answering questions about the explosive Comey testimony in which he accused the president of trying to stop an investigation into Russia’s alleged interference during the US election last year. “There is no collusion, no obstruction, there is a delay, but we want to return to the execution of our great country,” Trump said. “There was no collusion yesterday, no obstructions. We are very well,” he said. President Trump, however, declined to say whether his private conversations were recorded with Comey. He said people would be very aware. “I’ll tell you that maybe some time in the near future,” Trump said. “It was an excuse for the Democrats who lost an election that some people think they did not lose because it’s almost impossible for Democrats to lose the constituency, as you know. You have to go all across the east coast and you have to win Everything like a Republican, and that’s exactly what we did, “Trump said. “So it was just an excuse, but we were very, very happy and, frankly, James Comey has confirmed most of what I said, and some of the things that are not true,” he added. Earlier, in a tweet feature of the early morning, Trump said: “Despite so many false statements and lies, total and complete justification … and WOW, Comey is a self-timer!
During his presentation Congress organized Thursday by the powerful Senate Intelligence Committee, Comey confessed that leaked information about his interactions with the President of the United States. The information was revealed to a journalist from “The New York Times” through a professor at Columbia Law School. Comey also said he believed the president had fired him because of the Russian probe, said he “lied” about his registration in the office and tried to redirect the probe to former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

India’s growth story under PM Modi enthrals BRICS meet in China

India’s growth story under PM Modi enthrals BRICS meet in China

Quangzhou, Fujian: “An India, which recorded a growth rate of 0001% between 1900 and 1947, has become the economy’s increasingly strong global growth in its 71 years of independence under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Modi – who Launched mass programs in women’s poverty alleviation, training and qualification of women’s youth, “said Tarun Vijay, during an opening ceremony of the high-level seminar on BRICS Government in China.

Addressing the high-level meeting, attended by Chinese ministers and personalities of the party, as well as politicians and researchers from all BRICS nations, Tarun Vijay said that walking a billion people was never exciting and comforting for the world.

“As a vibrant democracy and the largest in the world, India is now the center of plurality, harmony and peaceful development is seen in the growing popularity of our Prime Minister Modi in different parts of the planet,” he said.

Tarun Vijay, a former Member of Parliament and now chairman of the parliamentary group of India and China CIE began his speech on the government citing Mahatma Gandhi that “all the windows and doors of mine should remain open to the noble thoughts come from everywhere “And said that the use of the word BRICS (the term used before it by the Chinese official, Jiang Jianguo), we prefer to call a BRICS family – in line with the message of India Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, which means that the The world is a family. “When you tell the family, the whole perspective changes instantly,” said Vijay Taun applauding enormously.

He cited examples of India’s progressive graphical growth under Modi, mentioning several times the success of a democratic political dynamic where a tea vendor became prime minister and one of the lowest ranks is now President. The former deputy said he was proud to be a member of the world’s largest democratic political party, BJP.

He spoke of the civilizing and cultural son among the BRICS countries, citing the African experience of Gandhi and the ancient Indian scholars who bring the teachings of Budhha in China as Kumarajiva and Kashyap and travel Huen Tsang and Fa-Hien who are respected beyond The borders of India and China.

Tarun Vijay also spoke, while discussing the spirit of good governance, the meeting of the Prime Minister and President Xi Modi in Astana, where he was given the message: let the differences turn into disputes, but can become opportunities . He had an exciting applause for au ………

Donald Trump to announce new Afghan, South Asia strategy: White House

Donald Trump to announce new Afghan, South Asia strategy: White House

President Donald Trump will announce Monday the new strategy of America in Afghanistan, according to reports that its administration could lead a role for India to end the brutal and costly conflict, the longest war in the United States.

Trump will make its first prime time broadcast to the nation as president at 9:00 am (7:30 am, IST, Tuesday) to unveil its new plan after a long period of deliberation to end a war of nearly 16 years In Afghanistan.

The president “will provide an update on the path to America’s engagement in Afghanistan and South Asia,” said Sarah Sanders, White House Press Secretary.

The address of the Fort Myer military base in Arlington, Virginia, will follow yesterday the confirmation of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis that the administration had decided a new Afghan strategy after a “rigorous” debate.

The announcement of the long-awaited policy comes eight months after Trump became the US president and after criticism from some American lawmakers he was trying to make a decision. Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, had announced his Afghan policy in the first 100 days of his office.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis said yesterday that Trump’s policy on war and the whole American approach to South Asia – Washington’s tortured ties with Pakistan and complaints that Islamabad tacitly encourages extremists – had been finalized.

“He wants to be the one who announces it to the American people,” Mattis said. “He now needs the weekend to gather his thoughts on how he will explain it to the American people.” On Friday, Trump met with national security officials at Camp David to discuss Afghan strategy.

On Saturday, he tweeted: “An important day at Camp David with our very general generals and our military leaders. Many decisions have been made, including on Afghanistan. ”

Although Obama’s policy focuses primarily on Afghanistan and Pakistan, the information indicates that the Trump administration has examined the possibilities of a role for India in its policy review.

A few months ago, the Pentagon had a plan to send about 3,800 additional troops to help reinforce the Afghan army, which is stalled in what some call a stalemate impasse with the Taliban insurgency.
US military commanders often argued that additional troops would help the US reverse the gains made by the Taliban and other militant groups. Trump delegated authority to adjust troop levels to Mattis at the beginning of his administration, but he was introduced by the Pentagon with a range of options for the forward path, including a complete withdrawal of troops and The deployment of more than 4,000 additional soldiers to add to the over 8,000 US forces that are already there.

The hope that the United States could eventually leave Afghanistan was verified by the Afghan government’s struggle to maintain order under the re-emerging Taliban challenge and incursions by extremist groups like Al-Qaeda, ISIS and Network Haqqani ….

Police warn Barcelona attack fugitive ‘dangerous, possibly armed’

Police warn Barcelona attack fugitive ‘dangerous, possibly armed’

The Spanish police warned Monday that the suspected driver of a van that trapped pedestrians in Barcelona was dangerous and probably armed, while a hunting of the Moroccan population is widening all over Europe.

The police in Catalonia issued a call for information about the fugitive, Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22, considered the last remaining member of a 12-man cell.

The other suspects were killed by the police or detained following last week’s attacks in Barcelona and the seaside resort of Cambrils. The Islamic State (IS) claimed responsibility for the assaults, supposed to be the first in Spain.
The authorities on Monday raised the death toll of attacks to 15, confirming that Pau Perez, a 34-year-old man found stabbed dead in a Ford Focus outside Barcelona on Friday, was killed by Abouyaaqoub.

Police had fired on the car as she forced the checkpoint shortly after the carnage of Barcelona, ​​and later found Perez stabbed dead in the vehicle.

Investigators believe that the victim was the owner of the car, which was diverted by Abuyaaqoub to make its exit after the aggression of Barcelona.

Describing Abouyaaqoub about 1.80 meters high, the police tweeted four photographs of the man with short black hair, including three photos in which he wore a black and white striped T-shirt.

It is “dangerous and could be armed”, police said Monday in Catalonia, as officials announce that they have identified the 15 victims in the assaults.

The Spanish authorities also officially informed European police on Monday of the identity of the suspect to allow the launch of a human hunt in Europe.

“We have to talk to the European police to inform them of the identity because this person … is probably wanted in all the European countries,” declared the Minister of the Regional Interior of Catalonia, Joaquim Forn.

Researchers seeking to unravel the terrorist cell have settled on the small border town of Ripoll, at the foot of the Pyrenees.

Many of the suspects, including Abuyaaqoub, grew up or lived in the city.

A Moroccan imam, Abdelbaki Es Satty, aged 40, was also examined because he is supposed to have radicalized youth in Ripoll.

Police attacked more homes in Ripoll on Monday, Forn said.

The police said the imam had spent time in prison and had already been in contact with a suspect wanted on terrorism charges but was never charged with terrorist incidents himself.

In Belgium, the Mayor of the Vilvoorde region told AFP that Satty spent time in the Brussels suburb of Machelen – a neighborhood next to the city’s airport – between January and March 2016.

On the other side of Brussels, the suburb of Molenbeek gained notoriety as a home of international jihadists after the bombing of Brussels in March 2016 and the attacks of Paris in November 2015.

In the Moroccan town of M’rirt, relatives of Abouyaaqoub also accused the imam of radicalizing the young man and his brother Houssein.

“Over the past two years, Younes and Houssein have started to radicalize under the influence of this imam,” their grandfather told AFP.

Damaged USS John S McCain arrives in Singapore; 10 missing

Damaged USS John S McCain arrives in Singapore; 10 missing

A general view shows the USS John S McCain guided missile destroyer with a hole on its left side after a collision with an oil tanker, outside the Changi Naval Base in Singapore on August 21, 2017.

SINGAPORE: USS John S McCain docked at Singapore’s naval base with “significant damage” to its hull after a morning crash with an oil tanker while several nations ships sought Monday at 10 missing American sailors.

The collision east of Singapore between the guided missile destroyer and Alnic MC of 183 meters (600 feet) was the second involving a ship of the 7th navy fleet in the Pacific in two months.

Ships and aircraft from the United States, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia are looking for the missing sailors. Four sailors were evacuated by a Singapore naval helicopter to a city-state hospital for the treatment of non-fatal wounds, the navy said. A fifth injured sailor does not need any other medical care.

The McCain traveled to Singapore on a regular visit to the port after a sensitive operation of freedom of navigation last week by sailing near one of the Chinese artificial islands in the South China Sea.

The Navy’s 7th fleet said in a statement that the damage to McCain’s hull was flooding the adjacent compartments, including crew berths, machinery and communication rooms. A damage control response prevented further flooding, he said.

The destroyer was damaged on its back side, or left behind, from the collision that occurred at 5:24 am but headed for the port under its own power.

A photo tapped by Malaysian naval chief Ahmad Kamarulamaman Ahmad Badaruddin showed a gaping hole in the side of McCain near the waterline. Janes, a defense industry publication, estimated that the rupture of the hull was 3 meters (10 feet) wide.

One of the wounded sailors, Operations Specialist Navin Ramdhun, posted a Facebook message telling his family and friends that he was OK and was waiting for surgery for an arm injury.

He told The Associated Press in a message that he could not say what happened: “I actually slept at that time, not quite sure.”

The Government of Singapore stated that no member of the crew was injured on Alnic, which suffered damage in a compartment in front of the craft about 7 meters (23 feet) above its line of sight. waterline. There were no reports of spills of chemicals or hydrocarbons.

Singapore sent tugboats and naval vessels and coastguards to search for the missing sailors and Indonesia said it had sent two warships. Malaysia said two ships as well as aircraft from its navy and air force contributed to the search, and USS America deployed Osprey aircraft and Seahawk helicopters.

There was no immediate explanation for the collision, and the Navy said an investigation would be conducted. Singapore, at the southernmost tip of the Malay Peninsula, is one of the most frequented ports in the world and an American ally, with its naval base regularly visited by US warships.

Trump Settles on Afghan Strategy Expected to Raise Troop Levels

Trump Settles on Afghan Strategy Expected to Raise Troop Levels

AMMAN (Jordan) – President Trump, who has been accused by lawmakers of addressing Afghanistan, has set himself a new strategy for the nearly 16-year conflict, administration. The relocation, following a detailed examination, will likely open the deployment of several thousand troops.

“The president has made a decision,” Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told reporters during a night flight that arrived in Amman, Jordan on Sunday. “I am very confident that the strategic process was sufficiently rigorous.”

Mr. Mattis refused to say what measures the president had ordered, including at the troop level, saying that the president wanted to describe the new approach himself.

The Secretary of Defense was given authority in June to send up to 3,900 troops to Afghanistan so that the US army could expand its efforts to advise Afghan forces and support them with US artillery and ‘aviation. But Mr. Mattis refrained from strengthening the US force until the Trump administration accepted a broader strategy.

The White House said in a statement that Mr Trump would approach the American public and American troops “on a path forward for America’s engagement in Afghanistan and South Asia” in a speech in Fort Myer , Virginia, Monday night.
US military commanders argued in the multi-month policy assessment that additional troops would allow the United States to reverse the gains made by Taliban and militant groups such as the Afghan Afghan affiliate, the Islamic State of Khorasan.

Administration officials, under the order to let Mr. Trump announce the details, suggested that any US commitment to increase levels of force would require action by the Afghans, such as doing more to fight corruption.

Mr. Trump’s Monday night speech will be his first televised speech across the country, since he spoke before the Congress in January and follows a week of controversy over his reaction to racial violence in Charlottesville, Virginia .

In the case of Afghanistan, Mr. Trump has taken up his post as Chief Skeptic, and any increased engagement presents political risks to the President, who has brought tired voters to war with his sharp criticism of involvement American in the country.

“We should have a quick withdrawal Why should we keep wasting our money – rebuild the United States!” Mr. Trump tweeted about Afghanistan in January 2013, when he was planning to report to the office in 2016.

The issue of Afghanistan has been the source of a long-standing debate at the White House, Stephen K. Bannon, recently withdrawn as Trump’s senior advisor, fought the army’s recommendation for more troops and Has supported a number of alternative options – including using Private Entrepreneurs instead of US forces.

The decision on troops is only one element of a military and political plan for the region that Mr. Trump and his assistants have been discussing for months, and it is politically important for the president to distinguish his approach from the politics of the region. The era of Obama. Critical….

Narendra Modi government may declare some bank mergers in current fiscal

The government may announce the merger of some public sector banks (PSBs) since the beginning of this year, and the consultation process was accelerated for this purpose, official sources told EF. Factors that would be considered as government committed construction exercises include financial burden (including stressed assets), human resource transition, regional balance, cultural ethics and geographic reach. NITI Aayog has already asked the Ministry of Finance to prepare a roadmap in strengthening PSB by exploring various options and models to create only a few large banking entities. Consultant McKinsey has learned to make a presentation to finance ministry officials recently in the experience of similar exercises carried out banking consolidation in Europe, Latin America and other parts of the world. Once the department has all the inputs will require a call to consolidation, in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Indian Competition Commission (ITC), said the official. The approval of the ICC is also necessary to give the impression that an exercise in such consolidation does not distort competition, he added. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said that India needs 5 to 6 major PSBs operating globally and a major consolidation in the banking sector would take place at an appropriate time. For example, a lender like Baroda Bank can support some banks in the South region that have converted or are around the corner like India Overseas Bank. Similarly, Dena Bank could merge with a large bank in southern India, sources said.
Already, five associates and Bhartiya Mahila Bank became members of the State Bank of India from 1 April. The Bikaner and Jaipur State Bank, Hyderabad State Bank, Mysore State Bank, Patiala State Bank and Travancore State Bank merged with the SBI. Another meltdown process will resume the pace once the bad loan crisis is about to begin. In December 2016, commercial banks have underlined assets (gross unproductive assets and standard restructured loans) amounting to Rs 9.64 million lakh, most of which belong to public banks. Gravitées massive debts led to a problem of matched balance: debt to companies and banks seriously borrowed bad debt – which seriously hinders investment in the economy.

GOP shrugs off James Comey revelations, sticks with Donald Trump

The FBI chief who fired the president called him a liar, but the response of many Republicans was a collective shrug of the shoulders. The GOP still needs Donald Trump if he hopes to complete his legislative program and win the election, and it will take more than the testimony of James Comey to tremble. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell boasted Friday GP achievements like Trump and promised more to come, without mentioning Comey in a speech. A group of House Conservatives discuss the tax and budget, without reference to Comey or federal investigations into Russia’s electoral interference and possible collusion with the Trump campaign.
In addition, there were few outward signs of high interest Republican officials, donors and entrepreneurs who met widely in the chamber in Park City, Utah, for a conference hosted by former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
“The people in this room who give money to the Republican Party and who focus on removing the Republicans, do so because they believe in a program,” said Spence Zwick, director of the speaker collection Capital House Speaker Paul Ryan, in a interview. As for Comey’s testimony, “there’s nothing we can do about it,” Zwick said. He pointed out that a dynamic tightening of Trump’s presidency has become a reality: Republicans in Congress and beyond are primarily concerned with the president despite growing scandal and the endless crises surrounding him.
While some worry privately, and frustration is regularly expressed about the undisciplined chairman’s administration and the distractions it creates, Republicans have little incentive to render now. Trump firm is the key agenda of the GOP, and he has the opportunity to appoint the judges for the appointment for life, a very interesting activity for the Conservatives.
And despite the low Trump approval rating across the country, his fan base remains firmly behind him. These voters will be key to the GOP’s success in the intervening years next year when Republicans defend a fragile majority in the House and try to occupy seats in the Senate, thanks to the favorable card that has a large group of Democrats – Election Holders Of the states that voted for Trump.
“I think the last 24 hours, 48 ​​were all very good for the president, confirmed that he was telling the truth all the time, that has not been investigated,” said Rep. Of the Republican Party, Jim Jordan, Ohio, in reference To confirmation Comey had informed Trump that the president was not subject to a personal investigation.
Comey also brutally accused White House Trump of lying, said Trump was asked to withdraw the investigation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn and argued that Trump had been set up in order to change course research in Russia. But Republicans have chosen to ignore these things and focus on aspects of Comey’s Thursday testimonials that were in favor of Trump. Trump himself appeared next to the President of Romania Friday Comey attacked and said that some of his stories are not true.

What is the CBI’s jurisdiction, when can it conduct raids?

The Central Bureau of Investigation has often been accused of working at the request of the central government. Even the Supreme Court, in 2013, called the investigation agency as “parrot cage” and “the voice of his master.” In the fall of raids against NDTV promoters Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy, the CBI once again faces allegations of being a supporter. In response, the IWC issued a statement press June 6, 2017, for how the investigation by the IWC in the NDTV raid was legal and in accordance with the Supreme Court’s decision on private banking investigations.
NDTV promoters were accused of “illicit gain of Rs 48 million rupees to developers – Dr. Prannoy Roy, Smt Radhika Roy, M / s RRPr Holdings Pvt Ltd and an undue loss corresponding to the ICICI bank” under Provided for in the 1988 Law on the Prevention of Corruption.

Burglary of NDTV promoters and the alleged “unjustified” investigation

Article 6A of the Law on the Establishment of the Delhi Police Special (CDPI) covers the IWC’s investigations if an offense has been committed under the 1988 Law on Prevention of Corruption with prior central government approval.
In an emergency, the IWC has been accused of having no jurisdiction in private bank lending cases, the IWC has clarified in its statement, “the Supreme Court of Honor in Ramesh Gelli 2016 against the IWC has said that The provisions for the prevention of corruption 1988 Act applies to employees of private banks. Therefore, the ICC is competent to investigate the case of private banks.
What is Ramesh Gelli vs CBI [WP (CRL). DO NOT. 167/2015]?

In this case, the Supreme Court held that section 2 (c) (viii) of the 1988 Law on the Prevention of Corruption and Article 21 of the Indian Penal Code 1860 which defines “civil servant” must be Read with Article 46-A of the Bank Control Act, which has the scope of the crimes provided for in the Law.
The issue in question was whether the president or CEO or CEO of a private bank operating under the RBI’s license under the 1949 Bank Regulation Act has an office and performs its public functions to attract the official definition “.
What is the competence of a CBI research?

The 1988 Crime Act to prevent corruption within the Central Monitoring Commission (CVC) and other problems with the Department of Personnel and Training (DOPT) staff departments, pensions and complaints, Government of India.
CBI investigate cases refer mainly to central government employees, financial interests of central government, violation of central laws, fraud, fraudulent embezzlement involving activities involving large funds, similar offenses committed by organized gangs or Criminals that affects several states.
It also analyzes the case from one state to another and international ramifications and the participation of several official bodies, where, from all angles, it is considered necessary that a single body in charge of research is carrying out the investigation.
Are CBI arrests different than police arrests?
The IWC’s detention, with or without a court order, is under the 1973 Criminal Code Act, which applies to all police officers who detain when approval is required if the magistrate’s arrest is made with an order. The provisions of an arrest without a warrant are included in section 41 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which also applies to ICC officials.