Nitish Kumar mocks Lalu Prasad Yadav’s Bhagalpur rally on Srijan scam, calls it ‘suicidal street play’

Patna: Bihar minister, Nitish Kumar, chief Lalu Prasad, scoffed to hold a demonstration in Bhagalpur on the scam. Srijan called a “suicidal street game” and declared that the Supreme Court approached the court. to import

“It was a suicidal street game (atmaghati-Nukkad Natak) that he (Prasad) will cost the force,” commented journalists commenting on the public meeting of Chief RJD and his Tejashwi Prasad Yadav in Bhagalpur on Sunday.

“Let’s go to the Supreme Court or let’s say you trust the IWC and ask them to oversee the scandal of Srijan’s fraudulent agitation,” Kumar said at the request of Prasad and his supporters.

“If someone is a document in connection with the scandal, it must be delivered to the IWC,” he added.

Prasad and Tejashwi, opposition leader in the Bihar Assembly, municipalities largely in Kumar and Deputy Minister Sushil Kumar Modi (BJP) and demanded that they list the details of “every penny kidnapped” by Srijan Mahila Vikas Sahyog Samiti Ltd, in Bhagalpur.

Prasad wanted to know: for the FIR recruitment against Kumar Modi, the Union Minister Ashwini Choubey and others in relation to the cas, which, ne ne suis pas une “maha ghotala” (great scam).

Chief Rashtriya Janata Dal also commented on Kumar and Sushil Modi.

“Some characters forget the” maryada “in politics, created at work, instead of wasting time talking to them,” I will declare Kumar in an oblique dig to the Prasad.

Aussi a-t-il dit that tout le monde connait the “scam” of Srijan after the introduction into the public domain on August 9.

During the hourly interaction with reporters, the national presidency Janata Dal (United States) to answer several questions about rebel leader Sharad Yadav has convened a national executive session in Delhi on September 17.

“Everyone is a right to participation in public policies, everything in the world to all legislators, parliaments and partition benches, and the program has followed how many of them with us.

“Shooting advertising (Sharad Yadav) means in the past a month and a half, never published in the last 40 years of his political career,” he said.

In the results of the dismutation, Kumar, who appuyé the decision of the Center, included in the project of the Great Alliance and in the creation of money to “fight against the black of silver” Saeed a volé aux et ses et aux propriétaires de l’argent doit explain it

Added to the list of all users online. A propos de nous.

“I am pleased that the attack was launched against Benami properties,” says Kumar, in apparent reference to the CBI case against Prasad and its members.

In a question about the murder of journalist Gauri Lankesh Bangalore, Kumar stated that the investigation is due to the truth behind the incident.

“If it is possible that it has happened in Bihar, inhabit Algiers throughout the country, the Karnataka government, quickly break the cas,” added.

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